Facebook's Privacy Breach- or Their Outcry to the World


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Lately the news has been all over Facebook's research which is basically about the company using  users' personal information and manipulating their feed without clear consent. This situation seemed all too familiar since in my science classes I researched science experiments conducted on people without being informed of the research or have given no consent. The conflict is obvious though, without a person's official consent or the fact that the participant has been informed,  legal accusations can take place!

Researcher's couldn't have possibly ignored that possibility, I mean what if everyone is focused about the wrong thing in this situation? 

It's understandable though why researchers conduct an experiment anyway without getting a consent.

My Odd Writing Process, What's Yours?

Hey guys! As many of you may already know Camp NaNoWriMo July is happening right now which I am participating in to write my long awaited novel. If you don't know what I'm talking about follow this link HERE to check it out, it's great for teens, kids, and really anyone who wants to write a project.

So as I write the first draft of my novel this month I just realized how odd I act as I am holed up in my room listening to music and writing. I mean how can you not go crazy sitting for hours on your computer writing your brain out and having it be at least mildly good. I know I can only tolerate human isolation for so long.

So here is my writing routine I do almost everyday:
This is me after I write for the day

  1. I sit on my bed for comfort with my laptop, water, and a notepad. 
  2. I turn up random radios on Spotify.
  3. I check Twitter first.
  4. Then Facebook.
  5. Then YouTube.
  6. Then my email.
  7. I check Twitter again.
  8. I start to drink water. Then I realize how good the ice is so I start chewing on the ice for a while.
  9. I open up my word processor and create the chapter title
  10. I check twitter again. (because people have been tweeting as I drank water and wrote my title)
  11. I actually start to write some paragraphs to the chapter.
  12. I start to lay down and stretch my legs by pulling my right leg to my face. (I'm a dancer)
  13. I realize how pretty my foot is when it's pointed.
  14. I start to stretch and dance on my bed imagining me as Maddie on Dance Moms.
  15. I tell myself to start writing again.
  16. As I get a little tires after 20 minutes writing I check all my social media again.
  17. Since there's a mirror in front of my bed I start to lip sync the songs in front of myself imitating singers
  18. I start to play with my hair for the rest of the time.
  19. I wish I could cut my long hair.
  20. I write a little bit more for the chapter.
  21. I start to dance randomly in front of my huge mirror not aware that all my windows are open
  22. I drink more water. 
  23. I wish I had ice with it
  24. I write a little bit more than before
  25. I actually start to keep writing non- stop
  26. Realizing I lost my momentum I go over to my social media for comfort
  27. Repeat steps 1-27
So yeah, that is what I do when I am in my room alone and writing. If you didn't notice when I ACTUALLY write it's only about 1/4 of this whole process. Tip: Don't write in a place where you can easily access WiFi. You'll end up like me. 

So What's your writing process? What do you do when you write? I want to know! Comment below, or you could just tell me how ashamed I should be from my writing process...

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-josie :)

Dear all Teens with Big Dreams... Start Now!

For some of you you who may not be aware of this issue it's pretty hard to balance your personal
teenage life with trying to pursue your overall life dream at the same time.

Now some of you may think that you are too young to even start in what you want to like write, sing, or perform, but in truth we are all in the same playing field here no matter what age and all you need to do is just start!

Well how are we supposed to start? You may ask, "I don't have time to start!" That is called procrastination my friends. If you don't know what that word means I ave the link to dictionary dot com for you bright ones HERE.

I'm not going to doubt that as teens we all have extremely busy schedules but in t
hose down times you have in between when your just watching TV, going on Facebook for the next hour, doing stupid stuff on the internet, sleeping for more hours than you need on the weekend, you could actually be doing productive things! Surprise, surprise huh?

Here's another problem I bring to the table after all the volleyball practices, the musical rehearsals, the homework,the classes, and the amount of energy being spent on hanging out with friends, all you would want to do is just do exactly what I described as procrastination, do crap the whole day as you recover from all the teenage craziness.

I don't blame you, as teens procrastination is our thing we can't just not do it. We refuse to start things if we have reasonable excuses for them like "I don't have time between all my activities", or "I'm so dang tired I just need to rest!"

I just want you to know that all the things I'm describing right now I have also said and done myself MANY times before.

I guess what I'm really trying to say as teens we have so much potential to be doing other things also! It's difficult to follow our dreams and goals when our stereotypical teen- self gets in the way every time.

I'm asking you fellow teens with big dreams to trust yourself to start making your goals happen. Be proactive in the community you want to be a part of and NEVER be ashamed of what you really want to do.

If you want to write a blog? Go ahead, I'm right behind you and other thousands of bloggers who want you.

You want to make YouTube videos? Do it because I know you can believe in yourself to be stunningly amazing in front of a camera, I'll follow you man.

You want to be a singer or performer when you grow up? Let everyone else know your true talent and you'll never have stage fright again.

Start here at your age and start now.  Even if it is a little intimidating at first I'll be right there with you. I know what it feels like to feel alone and embarrassed to be starting what you want to do but be aware there are so many more kids out there who are thinking the same thing too.

Be that leader who starts off a whole new movement of writing blogs, YouTube videos, dances, music, or anything else in your school and community! There is a fire inside you and you are just a spark waiting to happen. Light yourself on fire! (Haha, I'm funny...) Don't be afraid to be really good at what you want to do.

And remember I'm on the same boat as you. I'm right behind you and I believe all of us kids and teens can create something amazing. If not amazing then something life changing.

- Josie


Comment me what you want to do or start, I want to know! Hey, I love YouTube videos, blogs, and all that good stuff send me a link if you want. :D

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