Facebook's Privacy Breach- or Their Outcry to the World

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Lately the news has been all over Facebook's research which is basically about the company using  users' personal information and manipulating their feed without clear consent. This situation seemed all too familiar since in my science classes I researched science experiments conducted on people without being informed of the research or have given no consent. The conflict is obvious though, without a person's official consent or the fact that the participant has been informed,  legal accusations can take place!

Researcher's couldn't have possibly ignored that possibility, I mean what if everyone is focused about the wrong thing in this situation? 

It's understandable though why researchers conduct an experiment anyway without getting a consent.
Facebook's privacy policy is pretty rigid for subsistence since many users worry about their privacy on their social media; there are just some stuff you don't want your parents or other people to see. Facebook's recent experiment was to simply observe how changes in a user's feed can effect their emotions put out in social media. If I was one of the scientists here, I would simply just visit a user's page, do your job, and then get out. This probably wasn't what the researchers actually did but the idea is there, they would see this experiment is to just observe and analyze for science and data purposes.

But its hard for me to believe that the researcher's may have not known the risks. If they were doing this on so many people, wouldn't it feel wrong? Especially knowing that the posts you restrict or emulate towards a user can change their own emotions and actions?

I believe every researcher and scientists have their own beliefs and ideals. To go along with that I think they knew what they're getting into. The question is, what made them keep going?

Now, if I was a user being used in the experiment and I just found out that researchers and older scientific men were looking at my profile, manipulating the posts I read, and analyzing what I posted I would feel a little violated and judged. It's not a good feeling, I would presume, having your social media life put on a data table and graph. 

This situation is like having a boyfriend or girlfriend that you trust take advantage of you and mess with your feelings. Bad for you because you're like a puppet on strings, but good for them because they only have to take and not give. After a month of manipulation and they finally tell you that everything was just an experiment, oh boy wouldn't you come roaring. Playing with emotion isn't a joke to many people, and controlling what a person reads and predicting the effects is like treating people as research mice.

You've probably established that fact already though.

What it comes down to in the end is what that information is going to be used for after all the trouble and accusations Facebook went through. I know that manipulating emotion is wrong but I I feel users need analyze their own results and realize how much social media is affecting our beliefs, ideals, and experiences. Take control of your own life, and don't put too much of yourself out there for people to manipulate.

People can complain all they want about their privacy breach, sue as much as much as they want, and point fingers around papers and policies to prove their side but I don't think Facebook was uninformed enough to know that this wasn't coming. I believe they MUST have known the risks, this "uninformed breach of privacy" situation has happened so many times in past history for people not to be careful.

I think that if Facebook did know what was coming at them with taking the risk, then they're experiment must have had an even bigger message than what people just saw as "a privacy breach". So in light of the situation, try to focus on what their experiment is trying to show people like us about our social media world. 

Who knows, maybe this is their outcry in an ongoing battle that is the effects of social media.

Think about it for a minute, and then comment below!

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